Blackburn Building Conservation, LLC has been preserving historic decoration, finishes, and works of art since 1936.  All too often, original finishes are removed and replicated, rather than being repaired and conserved.  In the case of decorative finishes, this approach sacrifices the original period, artistic style and intent, and substitutes a 21st Century imitation.

We are pleased to serve museum, civic, institutional, architectural, contracting and private clients throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New York and the Mid-Atlantic states.

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Analysis, cleaning and conservation treatment programs for fine art, murals, decorative paint, stencils, gold leaf, wood finishes, metal finishes, wallpaper, decorative plaster, carved stone and sculpture.

Documentation, cleaning, conservation, restoration and replication of decorative paint, murals, fine art, works on canvas, ceiling and wall paintings; faux finishing, touch-up, custom color mixing and inpainting.

Application, cleaning, conservation and restoration of gold leaf on wood, plaster, metal and stone; gilding of weathervanes, clock towers and cupola domes.

Analysis, cleaning, conservation, restoration and touch up. Application of shellac, varnish, lacquer, French polish, wax and oil finishes; restoration and repair of wood paneling, columns and capitals; wood epoxy consolidation.

Documentation, cleaning, conservation and restoration of bronze, brass and iron finishes for lighting fixtures and architectural metalwork; refinishing, patination and application of protective coatings for lighting, doors, balustrades, windows and sculpture.

Repair, cleaning, conservation and restoration of historic wallpaper, analysis, documentation, consolidation and inpainting.

Decorative plaster repair, conservation and restoration; analysis, consolidation, mold fabrication and casting for ceiling and wall plaster ornament.

Cleaning, conservation and restoration for carved stone, marble and sandstone; cleaning, smoke, soot and stain removal and repair for architectural stone ornament, altars, sculpture and carved stone.

Cleaning, conservation and disaster restoration for fine art, murals, decorative plaster, gold leaf, wood finishes, statuary, metalwork and stained glass; Cleaning of smoke damage, soot, water damage and stains.

Repair, restoration, epoxy consolidation, glass replacement, re-glazing, weather stripping and painting of historic wood window sash. Stained glass conservation, restoration and repair.