Antique Wallpaper Restoration: Brewer Young Mansion

Longmeadow, Massachusetts

The Zuber wallcovering on the first floor and staircase of the mansion had a number of serious problems including, cracks and tears as well as de-laminated and missing sections.  Additionally, the paper was coated with shellac at some point, resulting in dark and discolored areas where the pigment had not been thickly applied. Additional problems resulted from months where the building was without heat, as it was being converted to its present use.

The initial phase of the project involved stabilization and re-attachment of the torn and loose sections, using a ph neutral wallpaper paste.  Missing areas were located or matched in scraps saved from a second-floor location.  It was advantageous that the design sections repeated, as this enabled us to repair missing sections with an identical pattern.  Small cracks, voids and stains were then in-painted with heavily pigmented Japan colors.  The stained upper sections were blended and lightened.  A coat of clear, matte, reversable varnish was then applied to the entire work.