Metal & Wood Finish Conservation: Castle in the Clouds

Moultonborough, New Hampshire

Completed in 1914, Lucknow, also known as the Castle in the Clouds, is a unique example of the American Arts and Crafts movement. In addition to its aesthetic attributes, the estate was also outfitted with the latest in domestic technology and home appliances including an ammonia brine refrigeration system, central vacuum and an intercom system. In 2017, Blackburn was charged with conserving the basement, which although in original condition, had suffered from poor drainage and water penetration over the years. The first step was to stabilize and treat the metal, wood finished and original painted surfaces throughout the domestic spaces. For the metal appliances and fittings, we treated and neutralized all rusted surfaces and applied an anti-corrosive protective coating. For the wood finished elements we carefully cleaned and applied a coat of wax. While some of the painted finishes were left in their original state; other areas including the multi colored stair hall was cleaned, consolidated and in painted with a custom color to match the original.