Mahogany Panel Restoration: Brookline Residence

Brookline, Massachusetts

The mahogany paneled entrance hall of this early twentieth century colonial revival home was undergoing a major renovation. The panel system contained damaged and faded areas, and new mahogany doors and moldings were being added. The original windows were being replaced with new pine casement sash. Our assignment was to blend together the faded, new, and discordant woods into a unified monochromatic finish. 

Since the original finish was a traditional shellac and wax system, we started by using alcohol stain toner applications to richen the new wood. This was followed by darker red colored alcohol stain mixed to match the original wood color. The same approach was used on the pine casement windows, using a darker second coat. On faded areas, a dilute alcohol stain was applied with a cloth and quickly rubbed out with steel wool.

Final finish coats of shellac and wax were then applied to all surfaces. Depending on reflectivity and natural light source, certain areas were rubbed with steel wool to complete this wood finish conservation.